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Jane Sablow

Visual Artist/Set Designer/Animated Videomaker

Bio Summary

Jane Sablow lived, studied, and exhibited her artwork for twelve years in Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and Spain.

Affiliated with Sindin Galleries, New York, NY from 1981-1984. Moved back to USA in 1983. Transition from representational drawing and painting to abstract sculpture 1984-1986.

Began set designing for the theater in 1986.

Affiliated with the Anita Shapolsky Gallery, New York, NY 1987-1994.

Set designed and art directed short independent films and industrial videos 1988-1998. Set designed projects for televsion, and graphic design for print 1995-1999.

Returned to figurative art in the form of small scale sculpture in 1998. Transition in 1999 into digital art in the area of visual storytelling and character animation. In 2000 began a collaboration with Carl Edwards, an animator and teacher at The School of Visual Arts in New York to develop their own character-driven, 3-D computer animation properties. They married in 2001.

In 2007-08 wrote, directed, designed, animated, edited, and co-produced three short animations for children: Cravings, Smart Machine, and Wishful Thinking.

Carl Edwards


Bio Summary

Carl Edwards received a BA from the University of Illinois, Chicago in 1981, majoring in film, animation, computer graphic and video art. Studying with Dan Sandin and Drew Browning he co-designed four interactive installations, as part of Tek Art Group class.

Worked as an on-line editor and computer graphic animator in Chicago for PM Audio-Visual, relocating to Detroit, Michigan in 1985 where he animated for Digital Animation Corporation. Moved to New York City in 1987. From 1987-1997 animated for a variety of production houses including Data Motion Arts, Transcom Digital, Magno Sound & Video and Doros Motion.

From 1989-1992 taught computer animation at Pratt Institute as a visiting professor. In 1997 opened his own shop, Cartoon Logic, where he specialized in motion graphics and animation for commercials and industrials.

1996-Present: teaches computer animation in the graduate and Continuing Ed departments at The School of Visual Arts in New York, NY.

Began a collaboration in 2000 with artist Jane Sablow to develop their own 3-D computer animation properties. They married in 2001.

In 2007-08 co-produced, created music and the sound design for three short pieces for children; Cravings, Smart Machine, and Wishful Thinking.

Manny Edwards

Jane's Alter Ego/ Gadfly

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